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Phase I- Underbite and Posterior Crossbite

Phase II-Underbite

Phase I-Unerupted Tooth

Comprehensive Treatment-Excessive Deep Bite

Comprehensive Treatment-Excessive Over Jet

Comprehensive Treatment-Posterior Crossbite

Phase I-Anterior Crossbite

Comprehensive Treatment

Phase I- Lateral Incisor Crossbite with Posterior Crossbite

Comprehensive Treatment- Blocked out Lateral with Maxillary Constriction

Comprehensive Treatment-Maxillary Cant

Comprehensive Treatment

Comprehensive Treatment

Comprehensive Treatment-Impacted Cuspids

Phase I-Posterior Crossbite

Comprehensive Treatment-Diastema(Space between the Front Teeth)

Phase I- Severe Overjet

Comprehensive Treatment- Severe Crowding

Comprehensive Treatment with Pendex- Severe Overjet

Comprehensive Treatment with RPE

Comprehensive Treatment with RPE

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